Dallas Area Residential Sales Report For July – Richardson, TX

Dallas Area Residential Sales Report For July – Richardson, TX

Normaly I post market statistics taht are year over year comparisons. Whoever, some of those numbers are not very useful  because of the market downturn over the last several months so i’m going to month compared to previous month to give you a better idea whats going on in the market currently.

For the first time in 3 years we saw a decline in the average sales price.

Closed sales were off month to previous month but not as much as the year over year number. Buyers are still out there  buying, just not in a big hurry.

For several months now we have seen a rise in the number of new listing. July reversed that trend with a sharp decline in new listings. One months does not a trend make, but if you are a buyer you may want to keep close tabs on the new listings because if it continues to decline we will be back in a very short supply situation very quickly.

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