Real estate transactions are complicated. I’m here to simplify the process. Below are just a few of the things I’ll do for you as a buyer:
1. Help You Get a Mortgage
I will assist you in finding the ideal lender, counsel you on working effectively with them, and keep tabs on the status of your mortgage.
2. Narrow Your Search
I will work with your needs and wants, focusing on properties that meet your specific criteria.
3. Write a Strong Offer
I will ensure that your offer stands out, while also protecting your interests.
4. Negotiate an Attractive Price
I will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal possible.
5. Attend the Inspection
I will be present at the home inspection and ask the questions that you need answers to in order
to make decisions about repairs and deficiencies.
6. Negotiate Repair Requests
If issues are discovered during the home inspection, I will help negotiate repairs with the seller.
7. Recommend Professionals
Home inspectors, contractors, lenders, home warranty companies. I have a solid list of contacts to recommend.
8. Communicate with Sellers Agent
I will communicate all pertinent information throughout the transaction.
9. Help You Navigate the Escrow and Closing Process
A lot happens during escrow and before closing, and I will help you through this process in a streamlined manner.
10. Assist with Post-Closing Details
Moving services? Utilities? Electricians? Pool companies? I know just the one!
Don’t let anyone tell you agents are becoming obsolete. Real estate was and always will be a relational experience built on service, knowledge and trust – too intricate for technology alone or to take on by yourself. I’d love to talk more about the education and expertise I bring to the table.
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